When Lightning Strikes

Lightning strike

One lightning strike. A few minutes of rain. One violent storm.

Any of these is enough to cause panic in an entire city full of millions of people. Even with all of our fancy technology and thousands of years of “progress,” one simple weather event has the power to incite pandemonium.

Perhaps such events are meant to serve as a reminder that man is powerless against an omnipotent God. How silly our human pride appears when these events occur. Try as we might, man has yet to conquer nature or its Creator.

Nor will we.

Far better, then, is the course of action which involves preparation. Every sensible person takes reasonable precautions to protect against the natural elements, but why do we stop there? If nature holds such power over us, does not nature’s Creator hold infinitely more power over us?

Why do we install safeguards to protect against nature’s wrath, but not God’s?

The life of the body is nothing when compared to the life of the soul. Let’s use these natural reminders as an impetus to order our spiritual lives. God protects and spares His people from His all-just wrath. Isn’t it a good idea to honestly ask ourselves if God would consider us to be among His people?

Start today. A storm is brewing.


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