Boring Bodies


How boring we’ve become.

Meaningful conversations are awfully hard to come by these days. Instead, we’d rather discuss the latest video game or television show. Anything to distract us from the things that really matter.

It seems man has forgotten that he is composed of both body and soul. There is so much more to life than mere sensual pleasures. Why do we never discuss the infinitely more important spiritual aspects of our lives?  These are what move us to have dreams, goals, and visions. These are what make us truly live.

Instead we talk about the same boring things. Boring schools, boring jobs, and boring lives.

I’m over it. Next time we meet, skip the pleasantries. Jump right into a discourse concerning your views on same-sex marriage. Or abortion. Or Islam. Or the Catholic Church. Challenge yourself. Challenge me.

Don’t be boring. Live a little.


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