Divine Manifestations?


If God exists and wants us to believe in Him, why does He not just manifest Himself to us? Wouldn’t that be a lot easier than having man stumble their way to a thousand different, warring religions?

Yes, of course that would be easier, but there could then be no reward. When one is forced to do what is right, no congratulations can be in order. When one freely chooses good over evil, however, there is cause for celebration. And there is certainly a just reward.

Consider that the reward must be proportional to the task.

Next, consider the incomprehensible nature of the reward that is Everlasting Life.

Does not the challenge have to in some way measure up to this unfathomable reward? Could any soul really deserve eternal bliss if the only requirement was to acknowledge an irrefutable divine manifestation? Of course not.

The only logical process, then, is the one which acknowledges that great rewards require the conquering of great challenges. This means that the reward of Everlasting Life must necessarily require a formidable challenge. Let’s use that fact to humble ourselves as we search for the truth. If God exists, He certainly wouldn’t force His children to believe in Him. If we’re tempted to ignore His presence due to a lack of divine manifestations, let’s pause and give it a little more thought.


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