“It’s Natural!”


How many times have we heard that pitiful argument? Marijuana is a naturally occurring plant, so it must be perfectly moral to indulge in the high effected by ingestion.

Or so the story goes.

It is true that God did create the cannabis plant as part of nature, but it does not follow that we are permitted to abuse His creation. If something is moral just because it is natural, how could we ever decry any abuses of the sexual powers? After all, it’s only natural to indulge the sexual passions, right?

Well, the counter goes, just as the sexual powers are moral when exercised in accordance with God’s right plans, so marijuana is permissible when enjoyed in moderation. But again, the argument does not work.

There are certain ends, such as self-satisfaction, for which the sexual powers can be employed that are always objectively immoral. God had in mind a very definite purpose for the sexual powers when He granted them to man, and marijuana is no different. There are multiple other applications for the plant beyond its popular recreational use. Just as self-satisfaction is not the end God had in mind for the sexual powers, recreational use as a psychoactive drug is certainly not the end God had in mind for marijuana.

Despite the weak and pitiful arguments made by dim-witted potheads, the fact remains that marijuana, when employed as a recreational psychoactive drug, is always immoral. Nor is there any truth in the myth that it can be responsibly enjoyed in moderation. When something is objectively wrong, it does not matter if one partakes in it for five seconds or five years. It is still wrong. Thus, anyone who in any measure partakes of, participates in, or even encourages by their silence this terrible crime is guilty of a grave sin.

Let’s stop lying to ourselves and have the humility to submit to God’s good law. Only then will we see the truth that recreational marijuana, in any dosage whatsoever, is manifestly immoral.


6 thoughts on ““It’s Natural!”

  1. I don’t support use of drugs. However, what someone ingests into their body is the business of the person in question. Alcohol kills more people than Marijuana, however, alcohol is legal and Marijuana is not. Grapes are used in production of alcohol and wine, however, there are also health benefits to grapes. Why not make it a crime to consume and grow grapes?

    1. Every honest person knows there’s a difference between alcohol and marijuana. Taken in moderation, alcohol can actually have health benefits for many. It also has social value as it “cheers the hearts of men” like the Bible says. Alcohol may kill more people but only because it’s abused.

      Marijuana may possibly offer some health benefits for certain individuals suffering with specific conditions. The data doesn’t seem very conclusive. But the data clearly shows that even the occasional usage of marijuana as a recreational drug has detrimental side effects. That’s why it should be outlawed–because it damages the individual and thus society.

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