Be Not Afraid


2016 is a scary year in the United States of America. But it shouldn’t be. In the grand scheme of things, how much affect can a lousy president really have on the things that actually matter? Not much. Nothing, actually, unless we allow them to.

Sure, terrible and ineffective political leaders can cause us tremendous material suffering, but why should we be afraid of that? What does it really matter if our bank accounts are drained, our companies are regulated and taxed out of business, or even World War III is commenced?

We are all made to leave this world anyway. Life on Earth is really nothing more than a slow death. It’s only a stepping stone meant to lead us to Everlasting Life and Eternal Bliss. So why the apprehension over the possibility of this short life being truncated by a few days? Why the obsessive worry about suffering a few more minuscule trials during our brief stay on Earth?

It’s because we so easily lose sight of what really matters–the next life. If, however, we focus on the fact that this life is merely a short test to see if we are worthy of enjoying Everlasting Life, all becomes as nothing. Trials and afflictions then become an opportunity to prove our worthiness and earn our reward. What a comforting and peaceful thought!

It is human nature to instinctively shun suffering, but it is really a small price to pay in return for the greatest of rewards. That sounds good, but what practical steps can we take to master suffering and use it to our advantage? To paraphrase Saint Paul, put on the armor of God. Gird your loins with truth, put on the breast-plate of justice,  shod your feet with the readiness of the gospel of peace, in all things take up the shield of faith, and finally, take unto you the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit–that is–the word of God.

Welcome Him into your soul. He Who suffered sufficient trials to redeem the whole world can surely assist us with our own relatively minuscule trials. When we do this, what do we have to fear? How can the prospect of a terrible president possibly disturb the Divine Peace living within our souls? On the contrary, we will humbly accept His most Holy Will, lovingly welcome any trials He may deem fit to send our way. We will have the strength to use these sufferings to our own benefit while meriting the greatest of all rewards, Everlasting Life.

Be not afraid, America, but welcome Him Who loves you so tenderly into your poor, miserable heart.


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