Trump & Syria

“War, which is armed conflict between countries or nations, may be sometimes lawful and without sin. Three conditions are necessary for a justified war: a) it must be waged by lawful public authority in defense of the common good; b) it must be waged for a just cause; c) it must be waged with the … More Trump & Syria

The Travel Ban

As Rush Limbaugh has repeatedly pointed out, “The Congress ceded all power to the president to determine who can and cannot get in here during times he and he alone determines are dangerous for a length of time that he and he alone determines, and he does this by proclamation. Meaning, he doesn’t have to have … More The Travel Ban

Muslim Ban

There has been an uproar over President Trump’s recent “Muslim Ban,” so let’s take this opportunity to lay down one quick clarifying principle. As a sovereign nation, we have the right to deny entrance into our country to any individual or group of individuals we see fit. And we don’t even have to offer an … More Muslim Ban