Trump, Republicans, & Healthcare


Much has been made in recent weeks of President Trump & Company’s dilemma regarding healthcare reform. Republicans cannot propose the ideal bill, we are told, because too many Americans would revolt. Ostensibly, Republicans must strike a deal, compromise, and settle.

This line of thinking may possibly be true given the current state of things, but the entire conundrum should have been avoided in the first place.

How? If Republicans simply and truthfully laid out their agenda on the campaign trail, won their elections, and then followed through with their campaign promises, there would be no need to fear revolt. An election victory is a mandate to fulfill the proposed promises.

If Republicans had clearly told the American people their healthcare plan while on the campaign trail, we would not have this problem. It really is that simple. If Americans didn’t like their plan, we could have refrained from voting Republican. If we did like their plan and voted them into office, they would then have a mandate directly from the American people.

That’s how this process should work.


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