The Plan

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Of the many ideas which this blog attempts to convey, perhaps the most overarching is expressed in the notion that our country will not improve until our morals improve. To better illustrate this point, let us examine our country’s dominant threat and its pretext.

The biggest danger that faces America is communism. Our government at all levels is on a maddening rampage to transform itself into a socialistic behemoth. But this is only the first step. Socialism is the means, communism is the end. Once our government appropriates all private property to itself, we no longer have need for the state. Government, then, is meant to dissolve itself leaving a commune–a supposed worker’s paradise.

That’s the plan whether anyone admits it or not.

So how did this diabolical scheme grab hold in our nation, and how do we defeat it? The answer to both questions lies in the pretext behind communism. Marx taught that all conflict arises from class warfare, and that the injustices wrought by the upper classes at the expense of the lower classes are the driving force of history. Marx was terribly wrong, but in order to defend their idol, communists have sought to synthetically manufacture the conditions which Marx described. Thus the constant drumbeat of division. The rich are evil, and the poor must be defended from them, we are told.

Communists would have no leg to stand on were it not for the fact that there is some truth to their argument of class warfare. Some rich do oppress the poor. Some poor are poor by their own decision, and allow envy to take root causing further division. And here lies the problem.

If every American were to perfectly fulfill the duties in his state of life, there would be zero class warfare. If only Americans were moral, there would be no envy and no greed–there would be no hate and no anger. If Americans were moral, there would only be brotherhood and peace. Americans would desire no revolution because we would all be content.

But as it stands, Americans are not moral. Americans are divided among class lines because we refuse to be moral. So the communist argument appeals. By this point, we have fully embraced it. Our government can already be classified as socialistic, and it is well on the road to communistic.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! We can hit the brakes and throw it in reverse at any time. If only we would improve our morals.


One thought on “The Plan

  1. The sad thing is that the mentality of many people in the West today is more socialist/communist than was that of the people who actually lived in communist regimes. I was born and raised under communism, and most lefties in the US or Western Europe would absolutely hate communism. In communist countries nobody got any “free” entitlements or welfare – everyone had to work, and those who were work shy were sent to jail. More interestingly perhaps, family was actually promoted by the state – men or women who abandoned their spouse and/or children were sent in for “reeducation” or (if it didn’t help) prison. Divorce was highly discouraged. Vice (incl. alcoholism, drugs, etc) was penalized quite severely. Sodomy was a crime punishable by heavy jail sentences. So the typical commie snowflake in today’s America would not find actual communism very enjoyable. Importantly, the folks living under communism back then had far more common sense than Westerners do today.

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