God Exists


When asking for proof that God exists, skeptics are nearly always looking for physical and material proofs. They are quite convinced that no such proofs exist, and they are actually quite right.

God is immaterial. He has no body. How could we ever have material proofs for an immaterial thing? It’s impossible, and apologists should readily concede this point. If one desires proofs of God’s existence, they must be prepared for logical exercises of the brain.

To name just a few of these exercises, there is the argument from causality, the argument from motion, and the argument from contingency. Each one of these three logical exercises will take every reasonable man to the unavoidable conclusion that God exists.

But the problem is that skeptics will not find these arguments valid. Bias against belief in God disables the proper functioning of their logical powers. When this apparent impasse is reached, apologists do still have one resource remaining.

Rare indeed, it must be pointed out, is the man who is able to so detach his emotions from his logic that he reaches the conclusion of God’s existence by a purely logical progression. Rather, the vast majority of believers become such when they are blessed with the gift of faith. This divine conviction dispels for the believer the need for logical proofs. God is true because I know Him to be true.

A skeptic would laugh away this gift of faith, but they do so at their own peril. Such mocking behavior manifests a real lack of honest truth-searching. If believers in God gain a divine conviction that He exists by praying for the gift of faith, can skeptics really be honest if they refuse to pray for the same gift of faith? Modern scientists are often among the worst skeptics, but how scientific is it to completely ignore the method by which believers come to believe!?

Let any true scientist, or any true seeker of the truth, pray for the gift of faith. If honest and humble prayers are offered to no avail, then and only then could we logically say that God does not exist. But skeptics are all too often neither honest or humble. Their only hope then, dear reader, is the prayers offered on their behalf by you and I. Let’s get to work.


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