All of man’s problems can be traced back to his stubborn instance that utopia is attainable. If only we would consider why Sir Thomas More chose this particular term to describe his fictional society, it would become clear why our Utopian hopes are ill-founded. The word Utopia can be literally translated as “No place,” which should serve as a small hint that this dreamer’s paradise is not possible.

And yet philosophers refuse to accept this simple truth. In their maddening quest to establish a fictional and impossible society, they have no option but to destroy everything that exists. Clearly, no society on earth is anything close to Utopia, so sophomoric so-called philosophers must–following their own illlogic–condemn them all. The destruction of what is, in order that what is next may come. This is their M.O.

This is also precisely the idea that Marx had in his perverted mind. History was near its end, he taught, and Utopia was right around the corner. If only he could spur a few more revolutions to overthrow current systems, his dream would inevitably come to fruition. Well, he sure got the revolutions he wanted, but what have been the results? Hundreds of millions murdered in cold blood, hundreds of millions more in abject poverty, and undoubtedly millions of souls in hell for all of eternity.

Was it worth the cost, Mr. Marx? Is history now at its end? Has Utopia been founded at last? Hardly. On the contrary, it’s never been farther away. Man is now more miserable than ever because Marx refused to see the truth.

The truth? Utopia is impossible. The desire for this fictional society is nothing more than a tool of the devil. The desire for Utopia requires the destruction of all that is, and this only serves to bring us closer to the reign of the Antichrist. Rather than destroying what is and progressing towards the true end of history, God’s terrible judgment of all mankind, we should turn our gaze back 2000 years. This was the time when mankind’s real teacher instructed us on every truth we ever needed to know in order to obtain everlasting happiness.

It’s high time we follow His advice and stop trying to outsmart Wisdom Itself.


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