An Unhealthy Obsession


Donald Trump will do this and Donald Trump will do that. Donald Trump will solve all of our problems. Donald Trump will save the world.

What about the American people? What will we do with this extraordinary opportunity God has blessed us with? Will we let it slip by because we’re too focused on Donald Trump’s actions?

God has blessed the United States of America by postponing our just punishment and giving us more time to atone for our sins. Donald Trump cannot atone for our sins. As important as his actions may be, the daily actions of the collective American people are infinitely more important.

Order our own souls, and our leaders will follow suit. Bad government is a punishment for bad people. Good government is the reward for good people. If we truly wish for Donald Trump to effect good change in our country, let us do our part by being good people.

If we can’t do that much, we are the problem. No leader can save those who will not save themselves.


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