A Call for Unity?


After a bitter presidential campaign has finally come to a close, many Americans are now calling for unity and peace. These are admirable goals that need to be realized, but we must highlight the only successful means of reaching those ends.

First, it is essential to understand that America is at war. The sides of good and evil are clearly defined and bitterly opposed. Now how can we possibly be at peace and have unity between the two antithetical sides of good and evil?

We can’t.

The only possible way to have peace in America is to completely and utterly annihilate the opposition. It sounds harsh, but consider. Will those on the side of evil ever be content and comfortable with good people sharing their country? Will they ever stop pushing their evil agenda upon the country? Will they ever be at peace with themselves?

No, no, and most certainly no. After all, the very definition of peace is the state in which man has the proper order and relationship between himself and his Creator. Those on the side of evil will never have this peace, and thus can never spread it to the country as a whole.

It remains that the only means of obtaining peace is to entirely defeat those on the side of evil. We cannot allow them a single foothold in our society. They must be wiped off the map. How can this be done? Is violence ever necessary? Perhaps a little history would serve us well.

There once lived a man who was confronted with the same, American problems. He knew how to handle them because he was a true leader. His wisdom and leadership are the reason that America is still alive today, and his example is indispensable. Yes, perhaps if we researched and studied this indispensable man, we would see how to truly run our country.


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