Freedom, Liberty, Anarchy, Abortion


Freedom means the ability to do whatever we want whenever we want.


That is anarchy, and that is what many Americans are unknowingly advocating. Can men really be free when living in anarchy? Infallibly, no they cannot because their rights will always be oppressed by the strongest man.

Rather than freedom or anarchy, let’s focus on liberty. This is the state of things where men have the ability to freely exercise each and every one of their God-given rights. So long as man’s rights are protected, government has succeeded in its primary function of preserving liberty.

Currently in America, government is failing miserably due to its refusal to protect the rights of the unborn. The most essential right is the right to life, without which all other rights are useless. Our own government is advocating anarchy by flatly refusing to protect the liberty of its most vulnerable citizens.

Abortion does not mean freedom, my fellow Americans. Abortion is anarchy and the death of our nation.


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