There is no doubt that our country stands in need of many prayers, but do we know the manner in which we must pray?

Prayer is the lifting of our own hearts to God. Yet the word “lift” is often misconstrued and taken to mean that God is literally and physically above us. So we attempt to pray by sending our hearts way up into the heavens searching for God. It’s almost like we’re tying our prayers to a rock, and then throwing that rock out into the abyss hoping that God will notice.

Clearly, this is no way to pray. God is everywhere and not constrained by space or time. God is above us in the sense that His nature is infinitely more perfect than ours. So when we say to “lift” the heart it is simply meant that we must rise above our purely natural thoughts to the realm of supernatural.

And yet we must still have a physical location to direct these prayers since we are physical beings, and that is where the confusion often arises. But rather than searching the heavens in vain, we must actually stay within ourselves. The Kingdom of God is within you. If one is in the state of God’s grace, God is literally dwelling within that soul.

This, then, is how we must pray. Search within ourselves to the deepest depths of our own soul until we discover God dwelling therein. If He cannot be found, we must beg Him every day to enter therein. We must make our souls to be worthy dwelling places of His Divine Presence. Interior conversation between the soul and its Creator is the prayer that must be prayed. Ask ourselves, is God currently dwelling within my soul today? If yes, speak with Him. He will guide your thoughts. If not, invite Him in. Invite Him in. Don’t delay. He’s waiting for you.


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