Brush Your Teeth


Every reasonable and sensible person would acknowledge the importance of brushing one’s teeth. At the end of every day, it is crucial to clean away all of the bacteria, plaque, and whatever else may have built up on our teeth. This simply must be done if one wishes to live a healthy life.

But if we are so concerned with maintaining the body’s health, why do we so often ignore the health of the soul? Only a fool would claim the ability to go through the day without his soul accumulating some amount of sins. So what do we do with those sins–those filthy and sometimes deadly marks on our soul?

The same principle applies. We must wash them away. We must scrub our conscience clean by examining our daily actions and discovering our faults, and then repenting of them. This must be done a daily basis if we wish to maintain a healthy soul. Why not take advantage of the natural reminder and examine our conscience while brushing our teeth each night? In this way, we will be proving that our chief concern is with the soul and not the body. And that, my friends, is how we obtain an everlasting reward.


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