A God of Peace


The United States of America is buried in the depths of her sins. We boldly profess our crimes to the entire world, and there is simply no denying the miserable state of wretchedness in which our country now wallows.

And yet.

And yet we have for our God a God of peace. Despite all of our terrible atrocities, He still thinks thoughts of peace and not of affliction. If we only do penance for our sins, He will not remember any of our iniquities. No matter if our sins be red as scarlet, He will make them white as snow. It is His will that the sinner be converted and live.

Oh, America! We are the sinners He spoke of! We are the miserable wretches who have loved iniquity and hated His goodness. We have turned away from His grace, and we have chosen Satan as our lord and master. We are truly buried most deep in the depths of our terrible, miserable sins.

But all we must do is simply turn to this God of peace. Out of the depths we must cry to Him. If He will mark all iniquities, who could stand it? With Him there is merciful forgiveness, and it is upon that mercy we must rely. He will redeem His people from our iniquities.

But only if we ask Him to. We have an infinite treasure trove of merits saved for us and waiting to be applied to us. This is precisely the reason that our God sent His son to suffer and die for us. His merits are to be applied to sinners, and we, America, are sinners. Let us throw ourselves at the foot of His infinite cross and cry to Him out of the depths of our being. He will hear and He will answer our prayer. Oremus.


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