The Time is Now


Yes, there has never been a better time to convert from our sinful ways and come back to Christ.

His mercy is now freely flowing upon America, and the fact that He wishes for our conversion was manifested by the results of this year’s election. Our national punishment has been deferred so that we may have the necessary time to amend our ways. Now is the time to convert.

Are we ready to answer the call?

How many of us are calling God’s wrath down upon our nation by our lives of sin. So many of us are living in adultery by attempting a remarriage while our previous spouse is still living; so many of us are stealing the pleasures of marriage without accepting the responsibilities; so many of us are living in fornication by refusing to marry; and so many of us are steeped in every kind of sin against holy purity. So many of us have left Christ’s Church, and in the process we abandon Him to die alone on the cross.

We know these things are wrong, and yet we banish them from our conscience. We make excuses and refuse to confront reality. We tell ourselves that there will be ample time to convert from our ways on our death bed. We hate to think about our sins, so we ignore and excuse them because we are scared. The devil senses these thoughts, and he pounces upon the opportunity to fill our minds with thoughts of despair. It is impossible to convert, he tells us, because our sins are too great, and there are too many roadblocks.

But none of this has to be true, my dear friends. This is the precise reason that Christ died on the cross for us. He wanted to save sinners. He has obtained for us an infinite treasure trove of graces that He is waiting to dispense to sinners like ourselves, but we must ask Him for those graces. How could He possibly refuse when this is the express reason He suffered His passion!? He suffered for you and for me, and He is just waiting for us to request the infinite graces that have our names written all over them.

And yet we will think these thoughts, know them to be true, and still do nothing. The devil has a death-grip over our souls, and we cowardly submit to his worthless power. But Satan has no power that we do not give to him. Never will we be tempted beyond our means. On our side we have the omnipotent God who can say only a word, and our souls shall be healed. We have nothing to fear and no reason to despair.

Remember that we have a God Who thinks thoughts of peace and not of affliction. He wants us, He wants you to convert to Him. He is hanging on the cross dying for you, shedding every last drop of His blood for you. And we so proud that we refuse to end adulterous relationship because of some pretend pain it will cause us. My beloved readers, does God not know these things that are in your heart? Does He not foresee the challenges that lay ahead for you? How can we possibly think that He will abandon us? If we muster up the supernatural courage necessary to throw off the shackles of impure sins, there will be rejoicing in Heaven down to the very last of the angels. We will be received as the prodigal son, and we will experience nothing but an absolutely overwhelming outpouring of love.

Enough of my words, but this writer begs his readers to take full advantage of this grace period. Stop whatever we are doing, find a crucifix, and gaze upon that savior who died for sinners like you and for me. Pour your heart out to Him. Tell Him of the hardships that accompany the renouncing of an impure lifestyle. Tell Him that there seems no possible way it can be achieved. Cry to Him from the depths of your soul. Go to Him who loves you so much. He loves you. He loves you. He loves you. Go to Him.


3 thoughts on “The Time is Now

  1. Edith Stein’s Prayer

    The Savior hangs before you with a pierced Heart. He has spilled His Heart’s Blood to win your heart. If you wish to follow Him in Holy Purity, your heart must be free from every earthly desire. Jesus, the Crucified, is to be the only object of your longings, your wishes, your thoughts. He wants your life in order to give you His. Hail to the Cross, our only hope.

    This and the De Profundis help me a lot. But we must cooperate with His Grace He sends us. How often we discard It, and run straight into the arms of the devil out of weakness and frustration because we didn’t cooperate, we didn’t knock, or if we did, we didn’t hear the door open because of our own screaming and kicking like infants.

    Out of the depths I cry to Thee O Lord. Hear my voice. It can be maddening. O Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thee I implore, that I may love Thee more and more.

    (The Edith Stein Prayer is a carry over from my Novus Ordo days, but it still resounds with me. I pray it at the Communion rail. That and another carry over: Lord, remove from my heart that which displeases You, and bless me as You blessed Your Apostles on the day of Your Ascension. May that blessing change me and fill me with the Holy Ghost. — I’ve often wondered, but never asked, if there is anything objectionable in those 2 prayers)

    1. I also have found extreme comfort in the De Profundis. Was there ever penned a more beautiful and hope-inspiring prayer!? How good God is to us that He gives such beautiful expressions of love.

      As far as the two prayers you’ve quoted, I see nothing objectionable at first glance. However, my own personal rule of thumb is to avoid like the plague all things Novus Ordo. There may be very much that is good contained within the Novus Ordo, but we don’t need any of it. The true Catholic religion has more than sufficient prayers, beauty, and goodness contained within her. We need no contributions from man-made religions. I don’t wish to discourage you from praying these prayers, as they appear very beautiful and moving, I only wish to offer my personal perspective.

  2. I agree with you. Modernism and liberalism have been insinuating themselves for centuries leading up to the robber council in the early 60’s. Both prayers pre date that council by decades– the former written at Auschwitz, the latter written by a Jesuit in the 20’s or 30’s. Committed to memory, I long ago passed on the prayer book it came from. Without a nihil obstat from a reliable Cleric you’re right to issue the warning.

    And what better source material than the Book of Psalms!

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