An Unhealthy Obsession

Donald Trump will do this and Donald Trump will do that. Donald Trump will solve all of our problems. Donald Trump will save the world. What about the American people? What will we do with this extraordinary opportunity God has blessed us with? Will we let it slip by because we’re too focused on Donald … More An Unhealthy Obsession


A Call for Unity?

After a bitter presidential campaign has finally come to a close, many Americans are now calling for unity and peace. These are admirable goals that need to be realized, but we must highlight the only successful means of reaching those ends. First, it is essential to understand that America is at war. The sides of … More A Call for Unity?

A Miracle Indeed

On Tuesday, November 8th, we witnessed one of the greatest political achievements in American history. Despite having the book thrown at him, despite having every evil force united in opposition of him, Donald Trump still managed to win the presidency. To see the hand of God in this is only natural. Our beloved nation was … More A Miracle Indeed