A Miracle Indeed


On Tuesday, November 8th, we witnessed one of the greatest political achievements in American history.

Despite having the book thrown at him, despite having every evil force united in opposition of him, Donald Trump still managed to win the presidency.

To see the hand of God in this is only natural.

Our beloved nation was on the verge of certain death did we elect Mrs. Clinton, but the American people rose up to ensure her evil wishes did not come to fruition. The United States of America lives on.

So what is next? Where do we go from here? What does all this mean? It certainly feels natural to be overwhelmed with joy and relief at the sight of such a thrilling victory, but we must maintain composure. The challenges we face are still most daunting.

What is manifested by Donald Trump’s election is God’s infinite mercy. Despite our great and manifold crimes, He has yet again delayed our punishment. He is giving us another chance to right the ship. Will we take advantage of this God-given opportunity?

Let us not forget the fact that we still live in a society that wantonly murders 3,000 of its most innocent civilians every single day. In two short months we will have an avowed pro-life president in the White House coupled with a supposedly pro-life congress. The supreme court will soon require a handful of new appointments that could easily swing the balance in favor of the pro-life cause. In short, there are no more excuses, my fellow Americans.

God is good, and God is merciful. He has placed the salvation of our nation upon a silver platter and handed it to 21st century Americans. Will we answer the call? Will we finally rise up, after nearly fifty long years of carnage, and rid our country of the satanic practice that is abortion?

Fate is at the door, America. We truly have the chance to be the pro-life generation. But more work is necessary. Donald Trump is no angel. Washington is still corrupt. Our leaders still need our prayers–perhaps now more than ever. Don’t delay, and don’t disappoint. Join this writer as we beg our infinitely merciful Lord to work yet another miracle. He Who changed the heart of an adulterous and murderous King David can surely change the heart of the perverted Donald Trump.

But we must ask Him. Now is the time to pray. Fall to your knees, America, and rise to the heights God has intended for us.



6 thoughts on “A Miracle Indeed

  1. Thomas this was very well said. I believe with Pence by Trumps side this world will be a better place. There are so many uneducated people about politics it’s unreal

  2. Well written. But I have observed God’s grace growing in Donald Trump, so ‘perverted’ seems harsh. Conversion is usually a slow process. Someone told me that he acknowledged in a speech at a rally that the way he had led his past life, he would not get to heaven. He said that he felt to make up for it, he was trying to work as hard as he could to help our country. I suggest that we do our part by praying for him, and hammering into the heads of our Congressmen that they must co-sponsor the Life Begins at Conception Act. No more excuses! Supreme Court Justice Blackmun, who wrote the Roe v. Wade decision, said that if it could be proved when life begins, that the decision would be moot.

    1. You are right as usual, and I did have second thoughts about using so strong a term. It does appear that he is experiencing a conversion of sorts. His rhetoric has been dramatically toned down, and he has even been displaying a sense humility as of late. I believe that God has predestined him for some great work. Reading the lives of the saints, there are countless similar instances where God permitted a soul to lead a sinful life for a while, only to effect a marvelous conversion in time to use them as a tool for some great work. I pray that Donald Trump is no different. King David’s crimes were much worse than Trump’s, so there absolutely no reason why God could not effect a similar conversion.

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