How to Vote


While millions of Americans from every state in the union flock to the polls today, we will be explicitly casting a vote for the course we wish our nation to follow.

But as soon as we step out of the voting booth, we will spend the rest of our day casting a thousand implicit votes concerning the direction we wish for our nation.

It is the latter of these two voting methods that is of the most importance. For our nation’s future does not hinge upon the individual momentarily occupying the White House, but rather upon who we have occupying our soul.

God will decide our nation’s fate, not the president. See to it that our own souls are in order, and we will thus be casting our vote. God blesses and rewards His people, but curses and punishes His enemies. Of which group does our nation consist?

If we wish to vote for a successful and blessed nation, let us order our souls by inviting God therein. If we wish to vote for a chaotic and broken nation, we will continue to resist God’s grace as we bar Him from entering our soul. To which camp does our nation belong?


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