Islam: Still Evil

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Well, it’s time to say it again: Islam is evil. Islam produces terrorists. Islam destroys lives. Islam leads souls to hell. Islam effects chaos. Islam abolishes peace.

How long will we continue in our denial of these manifest truths? Even now, our president is touring the Middle East seeking peace deals. But how can there ever exist peace when so many poor souls are caught in the snares of this diabolical Islam?

Islam is the antithesis of Christianity. It is a religion of violence and hatred. Its adherents are inspired by Satan himself. This evil ideology was formed in the pit of hell and set loose upon unsuspecting man. Islam is a religion of sin, and sin is the enemy of peace.

If our president really desires peace, why does he not call for a universal embracing of the religion of peace? Only Christianity was founded by the Prince of Peace, and only Christianity can defeat the pure evil that is Islam.

Enough with the soft talk and euphemisms. Rid the world of hellish Islam, and embrace peaceful Christianity. There are exactly zero alternative methods of obtaining peace. Islam is the enemy of everything that is good. Why do our leaders not speak these truths? Why do we believe the politically correct lie that Islam is a religion of peace?

Please, say it with me all together now, “Islam is evil.” 


3 thoughts on “Islam: Still Evil

  1. Islamophobia is “a word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons.” -Andrew Cummins

  2. Hi Tom, Mike here again. Thought you might like this quote from Blaise Pascal: “Mahomet established a religion by putting his enemies to death; Jesus Christ, by commanding his followers to lay down their own lives.” You may already know about Pascal but, just in case you don’t. He was a 17th century French Catholic philosopher and mathematician (he’s a HUGE figure in mathematics, and less huge but still a pretty big one in philosophy) Here’s a link to his book “Pensees” (there should be an accent over the second e, but I don’t know how to do that, the word is French for “Thoughts”), a collection of thoughts about Christianity. Each thought is just a couple of paragraphs at best; and some need to be pondered a bit. It’s very deep stuff. Anyway, apologies if you’ve already heard of him and it.

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