You Don’t Have to be Smart


God created His kingdom to be universal. He intends His Church for all men across all ages. All He asks is that we love Him more than ourselves. That is His only requirement.

This means that men do not necessarily have to understand every tenet of Christ’s teachings in order to share in His rewards. They do not have to be wise philosophers nor great theologians.

We should always seek to better understand Christ’s teachings out of respect for Him, but we will never be able to fully comprehend Him. The beauty of the universal nature of Christ’s teachings is that we can apply them to every level of intelligence. They can be adapted to meet the needs of the most simple child, and they can simultaneously be scrupulously analyzed by the most brilliant intellectual.


Study Christ’s teachings to the full potential of your ability, yes, but remember that love is infinitely greater than knowledge. Focus on loving Him, and everything else will follow.




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