My Response to Hillary Clinton


“Well, America, there you have it. The Democratic presidential nominee just explicitly expressed before the entire world her unswerving fidelity to the cause of the worst possible form of child-murder. She tries to call it a “choice” that any woman has the “right” to make, but it’s high time we dispense with the euphemisms.”

“Abortion is murder, and we all know it. But not only is abortion murder, it is the worst possible form of murder. There are few sins that could possibly be more demonic than a mother having her perfectly innocent child ripped to pieces as its living body is cruelly torn from the womb. There is no way around the fact that abortion-and I mean any abortion-is child-murder.”

“We often pride ourselves on our societal advancement, but there is no progress in a society that wantonly murders in cold blood its most innocent members. We are nothing to be proud of in this respect. We are worse than the ancient Aztecs who worshiped their pagan devils by offering human sacrifices. Modern day America offers its own human sacrifices to its own pagan devils, but we do it on a scale that dwarfs anything the Aztecs ever dreamed of. And worse, we sacrifice our most precious and innocent lives. And even worse than that, we have the audacity to pretend like we’re cultured. The Aztecs may not have known better. We know better, America.”

“Abortion is the sacrament of the devil. Planned Parenthood is his bride. Hillary Clinton is proud to tell you tonight that she aligns herself with Satan. Hillary Clinton has willingly manifested her hate for God’s greatest gift of life. She has gone to her savior as he hung on the cross and died for her, and she has spat in His face. Enthusiastic support of the unconditional cold-blooded murder of our most innocent children is an offense that is nothing short of demonic. Hillary Rodham Clinton is on the side of Satan himself.”

“So we have a choice to make, my beloved fellow Americans. Will we allow the devil, through Hillary Clinton, to rule our once-great nation? Will we manifestly abandon every good principle this country was founded upon? Will we turn the United States of America, our most beloved, God-given home, over to Satan?”

“Or will we rise to the challenge of our time? Will we overcome the odds, just like we have a thousand other times throughout our history, and defeat the enemy at our gate? Alas, the enemy is now within our walls, but we can still force him out. Our Savior, and He alone, has the power to save us from this terrible, hellish scourge of abortion. All we must do is ask for His assistance. After all, who is like God? Who can stand against Him? I earnestly implore each and every one of you this very night, with every fiber of your being to get down on your knees and join me in our favorite, American prayer: God Bless America!


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