World Champs!


If the Chicago Cubs can do it, so can we.

Baseball is an awfully complicated game with all its meticulous rules, but at the end of the day the objective could not be more straightforward. Simply score more runs than the opponent, and the game is won.

Life is no different. Things may often seem intricate and even impenetrable, but just like baseball the objective is crystal clear. We must simply love God more than ourselves, and we have mastered the game that is life.

The Cubs had struggled to win the ultimate prize for 107 years without success. They had one seemingly eternal cycle of heartbreak after heartbreak. And when they finally took the field in preparation for their final battle, their hopes were almost crushed again. The opponent had an answer each time a lead was taken. That is, until one final surge during the eleventh hour propelled the Chicago Cubs at long last over their opponent. In the process, the ultimate prize was rightfully earned.

Is this great story of triumph not the perfect lesson for our own personal lives? No matter how terribly we may be losing at the game of life; no matter how many times we have failed to take the lead; no matter how many times we have been beaten back; no matter how long our struggle may last; if we would only persevere in our efforts, we will infallibly win the ultimate prize!


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