Chicken Parm & Abortion


I recently stumbled across a most delicious-looking recipe for chicken parmesan lasagna and just had to give it a try. It was a rather meticulous recipe as the lasagna had multiple different ingredients, layers, and toppings; but it was all worth it in the end. After the meal, a very interesting thought occurred–the process of making lasagna can be analogized to use as a powerful and logical argument against abortion.

From the second I covered the bottom of the lasagna dish with marinara sauce, it would have been a terrible waste to abandon my meal. True, just marinara sauce in the bottom of the dish doesn’t necessarily make what we commonly call lasagna, but it is still food, and it would be a terrible shame to waste it.

Were we to use the logic of the pro-abortion crowd, we would say that the lasagna has absolutely no value until it is fully cooked and actually removed from the oven. At any point prior to this, abortion logic says that the entire dish could be thrown in the trash without the slightest hint of distress. No reason is too insignificant to simply waste this supremely meticulous and detailed dish.

Some in the pro-abortion crowd will argue that the meal isn’t technically lasagna until a certain step in the recipe is reached. They’ll say that it’s just a blob of worthless molecules until the first lasagna noodles are laid, and only then does it become bona fide lasagna. But others will argue it doesn’t become actual lasagna until the final coat of cheese topping is applied. Wherever the line is drawn, it is clear that such arguments are ludicrous. No matter how far along the recipe may be, it always a waste to throw away any food.

It may seem strange to compare food with abortion, but analogies are powerful. It can be tough for some to think logically about such an emotional matter as abortion, so perhaps the same line of thinking applied to a more practical matter can clear away some fog. Truths are universal, throwing away food is a waste, and discarding perfectly innocent human life is one of the greatest travesties imaginable.


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