Ohio governor John Kasich has vetoed his state’s “heartbeat bill,” which would have banned all abortions after 6-weeks when a fetal heartbeat is detectable. In doing so, Kasich proves he is nothing more than a shameful coward who is anything but pro-life.

The reasoning provided by Kasich is that the bill was “clearly contrary” to Roe v. Wade. Dear Governor Kasich, THAT IS THE POINT! Just because something is codified into our legal books does not mean it is moral or acceptable. Would Governor Kasich have supported slavery because anti-slavery efforts were “clearly contrary” to the law? What a sorry excuse for a leader poor Ohio has received.

This bill would have been a tremendous boost to the pro-life cause for many reasons. First, many women don’t even discover a pregnancy until after the 6th week, which means this bill would have effectively eliminated almost all abortions in the state. Second, the bill is “clearly contrary” to Roe v. Wade, which means that an enormous legal battle would have been waged to overturn the disastrous law. In short, this bill could have set the table for an abortion-free America.

And the “pro-life” coward from Ohio vetoed it.

To make matters worse, Governor Kasich will get away with his shameful act because, while vetoing the “heartbeat bill,” he did sign into law an abortion ban after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Seeing as how very few abortions in Ohio are commited after the 20-week mark, this action simply allows Kasich to continue to hide behind the pro-life label in order to win support from pro-lifers.

What a terrible, traitorous, and treasonous act of treachery. John Kasich should be impeached for failing to perform government’s most essential function, the protection of innocent life.

It is important to remember that while this golden opportunity has been wasted, we cannot be defeated. Even now, courageous Ohioians are working to swing enough votes in order to override Kasich’s veto.

Let us pray they are successful, and let us remember that bad government is a punishment for bad people. Ohio has a coward as governor because Ohio has many bad people. If we truly wish to eliminate abortion and save our country in the process, we have to remember that the battle is not confined to the courthouse and legislative chambers. No, the real battle is fought in our very own personal lives. Be a good people, and abortion will disappear. Continue to be an evil people, and abortion will be the death of our nation. Oh, and that is true no matter who we have in office.


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