It’s Only Logical!


It’s sad to say, but logic no longer holds much of a place in our society. We’ve lost any concept of proper reasoning powers, and our collective intellect is sunken to a most pitiful state.

This explains why logical arguments so often fall on deaf ears. Such arguments only work on logical persons. We could huff and puff until we’re blue in the face using the most logical thought processes possible, and we would still make no headway with an illogical being.

So what’s the answer? Is there a better method of argumentation than using logic? No. God made man to be logical beings, and this is how we must conduct our affairs. When a man is illogical, he is broken. When a man is broken, he must be restored. We must then determine what causes a man to become illogical and apply its antidote.

Now clearly sin is what causes a man to become illogical because its chief effect is the darkening of man’s intellect. The more man is steeped in sin, the more illogical he will become. On the flip side, the more a man distances himself from sin by practicing virtue, the more logical he will become.

This isn’t to say that every apparently illogical man is a terrible sinner, nor does it mean that every apparently logical man is a great saint. Logic can be a slow process, and it often takes significant time to weed out errors. A man who holds an illogical viewpoint on some matter may simply need more time to deduce the correct, logical position.

But it remains that sin is the chief cause of the illogic running rampant in our society today. It also remains that virtue is the only antidote. Shun sin, embrace virtue, and logic will prevail.


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