Vain Hope and Pride


“Continual peace is with the humble; but in the heart of the proud is frequent envy and indignation.”

A poignant reminder indeed from the great Thomas à Kempis. These words we would all do well to consider, as we naturally gravitate towards the error of pride.

All too often we trust in our knowledge and make light of the wisdom of God. We glory in our riches and ignore the fact that they have come from God. We boast of the beauty of our bodies and return no thanks to our Creator. We take pride in our talents and forget that God is infinite perfection. We esteem ourselves better than all the rest of men and disregard the judgment of our Maker. We refuse to acknowledge that, “…the judgments of God are different from the judgments of men; and often times that displeaseth Him which pleaseth men.”

Yes, we are a proud bunch of sinners, and we will not easily humble ourselves. But humble ourselves we must. How? “Do what is in thy power, and God will be with thy good will.”


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