Undue Familiarity


In our social-media-crazed world it seems the top priority is to stay connected. Never is peace and quiet to be permitted. Constantly we must be interacting with digital entities via some sort of screen. Every moment of our lives is now meant to be shared with others, or so the modern world would have us believe.

“Discover not thy heart to everyone,” writes Thomas à Kempis in his Imitation of Christ, “but treat of thy affairs with a man that is wise and feareth God.” Notice the text says a man rather than every man. Scores of friends are not necessary, and will most likely become a hindrance, for anyone who seeks perfection.

“Desire to be familiar only with God and His angels and fly the acquaintance of men.”

It’s not too late for another new year’s resolution: spend a little less time on social media, and work on becoming a little more familiar with God.



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