Obedience and Subjection


“It is much more secure to be in a state of subjection than in authority,” à Kempis warns us.

Striking words indeed for our proud nature. Who among us does not spend much of his life desiring to be free from authority? Whether it is the authority of our parents, employer, or even God, there is nothing more natural for man than to despise a state of subjection.

“But if God be amongst us we must sometimes give up our own opinion for the sake of peace. Who is so wise as to be able fully to know all things? Therefore trust not too much to thine own thoughts, but we willing also to hear the sentiments of others.”

We’re all only men, and very sinful men at that. Remember one of the primary effects of sin is the darkening of the intellect. If we have reached a conclusion and formed our opinion by employing our logic alone, we may very well have unknowingly made an illogical mistake along the way.

Never be so proud as think thyself above reproach. Willingly submit to another’s authority when possible, and always esteem thyself and thy opinion the lowest among men. What do we have to lose by such a course of action? “For I have often heard that is is more safe to hear and to take counsel than to give it.”


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