Civil War?


Very often, an argument in favor of immigration will go something like this. “My family were immigrants, this country was built by immigrants, and therefore we must protect immigrants.” Such a silly line of reasoning misses one essential concept. Just because a thing is good does not mean it is good in perpetuity.

Indeed, Americans do come from immigrant backgrounds. This country is the great melting pot which produced one out of many. But it does not follow that we must always and everywhere support unlimited immigration.

We can all agree that eating is a good thing to do, but do we not place limits on our eating habits? Do we not set very definite times and very definite portions in regards to eating? Why is taking in immigrants any different than taking in food?

No one claims that immigration is a bad thing in and of itself; we only state the simple truth that immigration has its very definite time and place. Limits must be established to ensure that immigration does not deteriorate into a bad thing.

In America  circa 2017, immigration is a very bad thing. We have lost all semblance of American culture because the melting pot has overflowed. We no longer have any idea what it means to be American, and thus we are experiencing an inevitable divide worse than that which caused the Civil War.

If this trend continues, we’ll be hearing those two words a lot more frequently.


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