Immigration: Q & A

Central American Migrant Movement on Mexico's Southerm Border

Question: Why is the American left so intent on feigning charity by welcoming unlimited immigrants and refugees into our country?

Answer: If there is one thing the left hates, it is America and what she is supposed to stand for–goodness and truth. The left has worked tirelessly for many years in an attempt to destroy this good country, but the rotten fruits of their evil labors have been relatively slow in producing the desired affect upon the American people. So what better way to speed up the process than by adding immigrant catalysts? Persons from foreign cultures represent change, and change is precisely what the left seeks. They constantly push for unlimited immigrants and refugees to be welcomed into our country, then, in an attempt to change our country. So far this diabolically devious plan has been supremely successful. If any of us wish to counter this terrible blow to our country, we must wise up to their methods of destruction and do all in our power to (temporarily) resist the addition of even a single immigrant.


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