Charity may be the greatest of all virtues, but it does not contradict wisdom. For example, it would be extremely unwise for a father to divert food from the mouths of his starving children to the mouths of some hungry strangers. Such an act would be a grave sin on the part of the foolish father, and his act could not be considered charity.

Can we draw a parallel from this example to the current refugee crisis? Absolutely. The United States of America is the most wealthy nation in the history of mankind, and as such could afford to provide essentials for thousands of legitimate refugees. But America’s culture is extremely poor to say the least. If she isn’t yet totally bankrupt in this arena, her emergency fund is on life support.

Welcoming refugees into our borders that they may partake of our culture is absolutely unwise and uncharitable. These Islamic-culture-imbibed refugees have nothing to add to our American culture. But they can certainly subtract from it. America is culturally rotten because she is culturally anti-Christian. Citizens of Muslim-majority nations will only exacerbate the problem. There are few belief systems on this planet that are more anti-Christian than the diabolical Islam, and thus there are few policies as detrimental as the one that welcomes such refugees into our culture.

Feed, clothe, shelter them–yes–but keep their Islamic and anti-Christian culture away.


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