Women Officers


“Women constitute only fourteen percent of our state’s law enforcement officers. Obviously, this number is the result of a clear case of discrimination against women.”

Such is the logic employed by a female criminal justice professor at the college this writer once attended. How sad.

Perhaps it never occurred to this poor woman that the weaker sex isn’t exactly cut out for the physical and mental demands required for law enforcement officers. In the real world, it’s a fact that women are generally of smaller physical builds than men. And it’s another fact that mighty muscles are a must for most crime-fighting officers. It seems entirely ridiculous to point out these simple truths, but this unfortunately is the world we live in.

Besides the physical aspect of law enforcement officers, there’s also the mental. Can women in general honestly expect to suppress their motherly instincts in an emotional situation? Is it not a fact that her emotions will impair her logic in tense situations? Is it also not a fact that the female mind works in such a way to make the quickest possible decision without logically weighing the options? Do we really attempt to ignore the science which states that the female mind is wholly unfit for this particular line of duty?

Discrimination is certainly one possibility of why women are such a small percentage of law enforcement officers, but any reasonable person has to discount it after even a moment’s consideration. A much more plausible explanation is simply that women in general do not find such work at all appealing to their nature. This is not hateful or sexist or anything of the sort. It’s simply true. Do we call it discrimination when women make up only a tiny percentage of construction workers? What about when men make up a tiny percentage of nurses? Or when men make up a tiny percentage of early childhood educators? Are these “clear cases of discrimination” as well?

Nonsense. This is all nothing more than childish nonsense, and it is a sad testament to the state of our culture that we have to even discuss such things. How despicable that such an illogical sentiment is granted free reign in what is supposed to be an institution of higher learning. Our higher education system has become a joke, but this is no laughing matter. Such blatant disregard for and misuse of the faculty of intelligence granted us as a gift from God is nothing more than a direct and infinite insult to His infinite goodness. How disgusting.



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