Infinite Sin

What is sin? Disobedience to God’s law. Simple enough, but do we realize the full implications of disobeying God’s law?Because sin is so commonplace in our lives, we may tend to view it as a nearly insignificant matter. The truth is that sin–all sin–is infinitely evil. 
Consider that injury is in the person being injured. To injure an inferior or peer is nothing when compared to the act of injuring a superior. Now when the superior is infinitely good as God is, the offense is infinitely evil. 

Even though we may deem a sin as lesser or venial, in essence the offense is still infinite. Strict justice would dictate that even the smallest possible sin merits an eternity of everlasting punishment. What a thought. 

Thankfully, justice has been served and we need only apply the merits to ourselves. How? Our infinitely just Creator is also infinitely merciful and good. He sacrificed His only son to pay our debt, and then provided us with a method of partking of and participating in that sacrifice.

If we wish to be freed from the bondage of sin and the infinite punishment it merits, then, let us seek out and avail ourselves of the infinite merits of this infinite sacrifice that alone has the power to free us from the infinite evil of sin. 


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