The Slightest Sin


What is the slightest sin? Good question, but let’s just say that it’s stealing one penny.

Now, how bad can this slightest of all sins really be? Is it honestly that big a deal if we steal a single penny? To what lengths should we go to avoid this slightest of all sins? Well, it is infinitely terrible, and we should prefer to die rather than commit this slight transgression.

The most gruesome tortures, the worst insults, and the most terrible injuries would all be preferable to committing this one tiny sin of stealing a single penny.  A thousand lifetimes of the most inhumane sufferings imaginable is better than giving in to this one, seemingly insignificant sin.

Why do parents no longer teach this truth to their children? Why does mankind no longer believe in evil? When was the last time any of us heard this eternal truth?

With the great St. Dominic Savio we should all proclaim, “Death rather than sin!”


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