Love > Penance


It is a very hard truth that man must make reparation for his sins. God’s infinite justice dictates that everything must be repaid–even to the last farthing. When we consider the gravity of our sins, we should be absolutely terrified. The penance necessary to repair for our crimes is incomprehensible.

When a miserable man views the mountain of sufferings he must endure as a punishment for his sins, he is quickly overwhelmed. How easy it is to sin, how hard it is to suffer!

Thankfully, there is a way out. Love. Though we may not have the heart for great penances, we all can love. This is the greatest moving force in heaven and on earth. Love is so powerful that it repairs any damage. Strive, then, for love. Don’t focus on the mountain of sufferings justice requires. In its stead, focus on loving Him who is infinite justice and infinite mercy.

If we only love Him more than ourselves, we will be saved. If we love Him with a perfect love, all will become as nothing. Though our sins be red as scarlet, they will be made whiter than snow. For love is an all-consuming fire that purifies all it touches. We must simply open our hearts, let the fire of God’s love therein, and enjoy the remission of each and every sin.


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