When one is struck with an illness, his natural reaction is to complain. But what exactly does such an attitude accomplish? It only makes our sufferings more unpleasant, and we profit nothing. Instead, when any man is sick, let him rejoice!

God is author of all sickness and all health. If He desires to permit a sickness, it must be for our own benefit. There must be some good reason for which God has allowed us to become sick. The only way to discover that reason, however, is to accept the sickness.

Sure, one should do whatever lies is his power to regain health, but he must always maintain a humble submission to the will of God. In fact, a man should bless God when he becomes sick. For sickness is a perfect proof of God’s love for us. He wishes us to reach perfection, and He send trials to help us get there. Sickness is nothing more than a blessing from God. Let’s thank Him for loving us enough to send it our way.


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