Deciding Happiness

The only way to ever become truly happy is to trustfully surrender oneself to God’s will. If we make the decision to perfectly unite our wills to God’s will, it will be impossible for anything displeasing to happen to us. But the second we make that decision, we will be tried. God will test us … More Deciding Happiness

Accepting Death

Yikes. Sounds like a morbid subject, but actually it’s not. God is the author of both life and death, and all that He does is good. If any human life is ended, it is an infinitely-good God who has willed it. Considering this, we should accept death and even bless God for His infinite wisdom … More Accepting Death


When one is struck with an illness, his natural reaction is to complain. But what exactly does such an attitude accomplish? It only makes our sufferings more unpleasant, and we profit nothing. Instead, when any man is sick, let him rejoice! God is author of all sickness and all health. If He desires to permit … More Sickness