Trials < Strength

A most consoling truth is the fact that man can never be tried beyond his means. Our infinitely wise God is also infinitely just, and it would be unjust for Him to permit trials that were greater than our strength to bear them. In other words, it is impossible for God to send us something … More Trials < Strength

Infinite Wisdom

If God is infinite wisdom, why do we fear His dealings with us? Could an infinitely wise God try us beyond our means? Could He ever do anything that was not good for us? Does He not love us enough to send His only begotten Son to suffer and die for us? How could anyone … More Infinite Wisdom

Can God Will Evil?

If it is true that God’s providence governs all things, then we must attribute to Him both the good and the bad. Now, an infinitely perfect God could never will the evil of sin, but He could (and does) permit it. A clarifying example. Perhaps a man has become wildly successful and wonderfully rich. He … More Can God Will Evil?


God created all things with a very definite end in mind. His infinite wisdom would not permit Him to create something that did not have a purpose. But if all things have a purpose–an end to which they must attain–there must be some governing force to help guide them to that end. That governing force … More Providence