Trials < Strength


A most consoling truth is the fact that man can never be tried beyond his means. Our infinitely wise God is also infinitely just, and it would be unjust for Him to permit trials that were greater than our strength to bear them. In other words, it is impossible for God to send us something we cannot handle.

What trust we should have in God, then! Consider that all that happens to us is from God, is good, and can never be too much to bear. On what grounds does any man worry about anything? Our only concern should be our aversion to humility. Were man to humble himself, cease to believe that he knows better than God, and place his whole trust in God, he could never worry about a thing.

For such a man perfectly understands that any trials God sends his way will be manageable. He will rightly see himself as a block of marble in an artist’s hands. He will patiently accept every blow struck by the hammer of his creator and sculptor as he waits to be turned into a masterpiece.


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