Accepting Death


Yikes. Sounds like a morbid subject, but actually it’s not. God is the author of both life and death, and all that He does is good. If any human life is ended, it is an infinitely-good God who has willed it. Considering this, we should accept death and even bless God for His infinite wisdom in this matter.

Accepting death is something easier said than done, but we must always strive for it. We must always look for the good in every situation. Even if God were to take away all of our most beloved earthly companions in the most awful manner possible, we should still realize that He has willed such a thing for our own benefit. He does nothing that is not good.

If any of us suffer the loss of a loved one, we would do well to remember that this life is not our final destination. “Scourge, scathe, and punish me in this world,” a great saint once said, “Do but spare me in the next.” This should be our attitude. The greater the sufferings endured on earth, the greater the reward will be in heaven. God knows what it is to suffer the loss of a loved one, and He will console us. But in order to receive His consolations we must first trustfully surrender ourselves to His most loving providence by accepting His dominion over both life and death.



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