Modern man is absolutely obsessed with the idea of progress. We incessantly pride ourselves on our commitment to progressing the human race, but do we ever stop to ask what we’re progressing towards?

If man would simply take a second to think, he would see that all of our vaunted progress is relegated exclusively to the material realm. Now material progress can be a great thing, but only if it serves man’s ultimate purpose of spiritual progrrss.

No matter how proud we may be of our material accomplishments, there is no denying that modern man is a spiritual train wreck. We wilfully murder thousands of our most innocent civilians every single day and then sell their body parts; we embrace unnatural vice and make it out to be a virtue; we oppress the poor and refuse even the smallest amounts of charity; and we most certainly defraud laborers of their just wages.

These are the four sins which cry to Heaven for vengence, and these are the four sins that modern man embraces with his whole heart. If we ever wish to achieve any real progress, let’s see to it that such crimes are eradicated. 


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