Now Available!

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This author is proud to announce that hard copies of his first book, American Exhortation: A Call for Moral Reform, are now available for purchase.

Simply click this link to make the easy transaction.

American Exhortation is a book unlike any other. It takes readers on a literal tour of our country’s greatest national crimes, the four sins which cry to Heaven for vengeance.

This book serves as a very somber warning, but it also offers reasons for a tremendous amount of hope. American Exhortation clearly lays out for readers the only path to sure success for our nation.

Every true patriot will find this book to be extremely insightful and inspiring. Every American will find this book to be eye-opening and poignant.

American Exhortation: A Call for Moral Reform is not a book to pass up. Please consider making this small purchase in an attempt to better our beloved nation. Please share this link with family and friends in an attempt to spread such an important message.

Readers interested in purchasing a digital copy can click here.

This author thanks in advance any and all readers. Read on!


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