Dave the Balloon Guy


To all those who think the American dream is dead, meet Dave the Balloon Guy. His story could not be more simple, and yet it perfectly illustrates our powerful, American idea.

Dave one day decided that he would like to learn how to make balloon characters. He promptly got a book on the subject, watched some YouTube videos, and began practicing. Before long, he had mastered his craft. Dave then presented his skill set to a few local restaurants and easily won their business. With this new source of income, Dave was able to quit his job and become a full time “Balloon Guy.” He now makes a comfortable living by simply travelling around to various restaurants throughout the city creating balloon characters.

What could possibly be more simple!? No fancy college degree, no thousands of dollars in debt, no studying at impressive universities, no special contacts in the business world, just plain hard work paired with an idea. Couldn’t we all learn something from Dave?

The economy is either dead or dying, we are constantly told, and it is impossible to make a decent living in these tumultuous times. Every family must have two incomes, and the number of children must be limited. We simply cannot afford more mouths to feed. Debt is a must, and credit scores are our only hope. Discrimination is rampant, and the working man cannot get ahead. The rich oppress the poor, and the government keeps us down. The American economy is structurally flawed, and capitalism has failed.

Lies, lies, and more despicable lies.

But people like Dave don’t mind. He’ll let his neighbors keep right on complaining and making excuses. All the while Dave will keep right on grinding his way to the top. He is the millionaire next door. God bless you, Dave the Balloon Guy. You are a true American hero.


7 thoughts on “Dave the Balloon Guy

      1. Every single one on the website.! And I do. I’m a huge fan of Fr Jenkins. He’s my Pastor in Fl. Fr Greenwell is everybit as amazing too. We are all very lucky in Fl and Ohio. I thank God for His blessings.

  1. I meant to add, I was introduced to your blog and book by the family of Jim Birch whom you replaced as moderator on WCB. I read your posts each day. I’m not very political but I soak in everything you post and am grateful for the opportunity you present. Well done!

    1. I absolutely agree we are extremely blessed. God is very good to send us such wonderful priests–especially in this time of crisis.

      The Birch family is incredible, and they have been nothing but wonderfully kind to me. Thank you for being such a loyal supporter–it doesn’t go unnoticed! I find myself increasingly less-interested in politics, and I much prefer to move on to more theological topics. But I am open to writing anything. I just ask for God’s guidance and let Him inspire me as He wills.

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