Money and Reading


Those who begin giving money in accordance with God’s holy will suddenly find extra money. Those who begin giving time to God for His sake suddenly find extra time. The money that we give–our tithe–should come off the top. The time that we give to God should also come first. To Him Who is the very best, we should give our very best. God deserves the first fruits of our day. Rather than placing a priority on our physical duties, we should first see to our spiritual duties.

What does this mean? How can one give time to God? Prayer is one method, but here we focus on what is perhaps the biggest driver of a soul’s spiritual progress, and that is spiritual reading.

When a soul prays, it can be tough to discern much of a response. To many, prayer seems like a one-sided conversation. But when we spend our time doing spiritual reading–it’s the other side finally speaking to us! God is the author of every good thought, every good idea, and every good word that has ever been written. When we avail ourselves of spiritual reading, we are gaining insight into the mind of God.

What a terrible mistake we make when we do not read spiritual works! The way to heaven is traced out for us in the easy-to-understand language of so many spiritual writers. And yet we so often ignore their wisdom because we’re too “busy.”

My dear reader, don’t let this be you. Don’t make excuses. Never let a day go by without spending at least a few minutes absorbed in the pages of some spiritual work. Start reading today. Here’s a great place to begin.


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