Easter Celebrations


It has been said that many follow Jesus to the breaking of the bread, but there are few who follow him to the drinking of the chalice.

Truly, the fasts and sufferings of the Lenten season are endured by few, but many are ready to partake in the Easter celebrations. The most glorious feast of the Resurrection is profitable only because it is preceded by the most solemn Good Friday. The Resurrection means that Eternal Bliss is within our grasp, but only if we first apply to our souls the merits won for us on that first Good Friday.

Eastertide draws our attention to the heavenly wedding feast of eternal happiness, and all are rightly enthused. All would attend this wonderful celebration, but many forget there is a dress code. Jesus once told a parable about the great wedding feast, and He explained that the man without his wedding garment was cast out. The wedding garment is the presence of Jesus in our souls. And He can only enter therein if we apply to ourselves the merits of His Crucifixion.

Without Lent, there is no Easter. Without the Crucifixion, there is no Resurrection. Without the presence of Christ in our souls, there is no heaven. Without heaven, there is no rejoicing. Examine your soul, dear reader. If Jesus is there, celebrate, yes. But if He is not, pray. Suffer and pray. Prayer and penance. Save the celebrations for later.


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