World War III?


The world is abuzz due to the growing tensions between all major countries today. The United States has already struck Syria–an ally of Russia’s–and could be on the verge of preemptively attacking North Korea–an ally of China’s. There are endless wars raging all across the Middle East, and the entire region would love nothing more than to destroy America. And let’s not forget the countless civil wars being waged in countries on every continent. Everywhere we look, it seems the world is ready to explode. People are beginning to notice, but their reactions are misguided and insufficient.

If we wish to have any good affect, we have to understand that war is punishment for a sin. We see wars everywhere we look because we see almost incomprehensible sin everywhere we look. Mankind has abandoned the right idea of supernatural truth and has in its stead embraced rationalism. Since we no longer think in terms of good and evil, we are utterly defenseless against these punishments that arise from a supernatural source.

It matters very little what material provisions are made to protect against war if we completely ignore the immaterial safeguards. The ordering of one’s soul is the greatest possible act of diplomacy. We can study all the history and all the foreign policy we want, but as long as mankind refuses to study himself and the soul that God has placed therein, he is on the fast-track for World War III… “And so proceeds Ad infinitum.”


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