The North Korean Threat


News reports are indicating that the United States may launch a preemptive strike on North Korea should our leaders become convinced that North Korea is preparing a nuclear weapons test. The maniac dictator of North Korea has a special hatred for the United States, and he would love nothing more than to tempt us into making the first strike. A giant mess, is what this all amounts to, but it can and should be handled very easily.

First, we must understand that the main reason North Korea hates the United States is because we have 25,000 troops stationed on their border in the DMZ. We have maintained a 60-year-old treaty with South Korea to come to their defense should the North attack. But why is South Korea still in need of our defense when the country has twice as many inhabitants as North Korea, 40 times the economy, and a military capable of dwarfing anything the North could ever hope to produce?

The answer is clear for all who wish to see. South Korea enjoys having the world’s sole superpower fight their wars, and the United States enjoys flexing its great war muscles. Stupid and childish, and it could cause catastrophe. Should the United States preemptively strike North Korea, World War III could very well be on the horizon.

But instead of causing a great disaster, let’s examine a very simple solution. If we removed our troops from the DMZ and forced South Korea to protect herself (as she should since she is more than capable of doing so), the mad man in North Korea would no longer have any pretext for his wild hatred of America.

If we brought our troops home and the threats upon our country continued, we could send a very simple yet powerful message: This land is our home, and any attacks made upon our home will be met with the full military force of the greatest superpower the world has ever known. North Korea is like an ant under the boot of America. Their bite can cause some sting, but our boot can cause their annihilation.


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