American Disorder 

Everything in nature tends towards disorder. When man encounters this disorder, his reaction is often no reaction. He does nothing because he is, by his very nature, disordered himself. This explains why bad often becomes worse, and only a cataclysmic event can halt the death spiral. 

Take this country, for example. The United States of America was established with a very definite order in mind. Dozens of extremely bright men carefully crafted the structure of this nation while attempting to forsee any disorder that may arise. It didn’t take long for that disorder to rear its ugly head since, after all, disorder is only natural. A few admirable Americans attempted to bring things back to order, but the vast majority of men did nothing.

And so it is today. Our country has been on a steady decline nearly since the time of its founding, and the vast majority of Americans continue to do nothing. They don’t necessarily enjoy the disorder, but they imagine it will pass away like the storm clouds that disperse after a rain.

But this isn’t the case at all. For disorder to return to order requires a great, outside force. It requires positive free will to act upon the disordered system. In other words, if Americans wish their country to return to order, they must do something.

The most important thing any good American can do is understand the meaning of order: the proper relationship between creation and its Creator. So there it is. If we want to fix America, we must fix our souls. The secret to overcoming our American disorder is as simple as that.


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